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Atrie OptoSpan1000 Gigabit Media Converter with SC

The Atrie OptoSpan 1000 series Media Converter is designed to convert Ethernet Gigabit copper networks to Gigabit fiber networks by transparently converting Ethernet signals to optic signals. The OptoSpan 1000 is designed for 1×9 optical fiber interface with SC connector. Customers can choose different optical output power or light source wavelength according to their requirements. The transmission distance can be up to 2Km, 10Km, 20Km, 40Km, 80Km, or 100Km.
The standalone type of OptoSpan 1000 supports external power adapter. The card type of OptoSpan 1000 can be installed in a OptoSpan 1000R chassis, a 2U 19-inch high chassis that supports up to 16 OptoSpan 1000 media converters The OptoSpan 1000R Shelf provides an economic solution in high density fiber. OptoSpan 1000R -Shelf which built-in redundancy power supply AC (100-240VAC) or DC (36-72VDC), the OptoSpan 1000R Shelf built in cooling fan ensures that temperatures in the working range.
With the Link Fault Pass-through (LFP) function, the OptoSpan 1000 can monitor both the fiber and copper RX ports for loss of signal. In case of a loss of RX signal on one media port, the converter will automatically disable the TX signal to the other media port, thus passing through the link fault. It then sends out the far end fault (FEF) signal to stop sending link pulse to the link partner once a loss of the fiber RX signal is encountered. Then the link partner will synchronously stop sending data. FEF prevents loss of valuable data transmitted over invalid link. Combining the LFP and FEF troubleshooting features of OptoSpan 1000, both end devices can be notified of a loss of fiber link.

* Supports one 10/100/1000Base-T/ 1000Base-X Gigabit Ethernet UTP RJ45 port and one 100/1000Base-FX
Gigabit Ethernet Fiber SFP port
* Standalone type provide External AC power adaptor
* Shelf is 2U High , support 16 slots for installing card type of OptoSpan 1000
* Shelf supports AC or DC power supply, Redundant power supply is option
* LFP (Link Fault Pass-through) and FEF (Far End Fault)
* Supports 10/100/1000Base-T auto negotiation on the UTP port
* Support Auto MDI/MDIX & forwarding rate upto 1,488,000/pps
* Supports 802.3x flow control for full-duplex ports and backpressure for half-duplex ports
* Supports 9KByte jumbo frame for streaming video applications
* Supports SFP multi-mode 850/1330nm/single-mode 1310/1550nm fiber plugs with different distances.

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